Detailed Property Inspection

The inspection process is the most crucial part of any home watch company.  We are the eyes for the homeowner in their absence. An interior visual inspection will consists of looking for water leaks, mold, tripped circuit breakers,  air conditioning, and signs of forced entry. An exterior inspection, if applicable, consists of checking doors, windows, patios, screen enclosures, pools and landscaping for  any signs of defect.


Reporting Process

The reporting process is very important in identifying the condition of the property, and quickly notifying the homeowner of any concerns or course of action needed to remedy a potential issue. All inspection reports are digitally recorded with photos and a description of the property and can be easily emailed to you. Digital reports will be stored in our archives for easy retrieval of past inspections.


Concierge/Additional Services

We offer a concierge menu that can be personalized to fit your needs.  These are services offered above and beyond our basic home watch services. Our goal as a professional home management company is to not only provide you with peace of mind while you're away, but to also help manage your time in your vacation home more efficiently.  Below is a sample of our concierge services that can be added to your home watch plan.

Basic Home Inspection


  • Inspect for signs of water leaks in ceilings, doors, windows
  • Ensure windows are closed & locked, including patio doors
  • Inspect for indications of bugs & rodents
  • Flush all toilets, confirm fill cycle stops completely
  • Run water through all taps; sinks & bath tubs
  • Briefly run dishwasher, washing machine & garbage disposal
  • Open fridge & freezer to confirm operation at proper temperature
  • Make sure ice maker is turned off
  • Ensure thermostat is at desired setting
  • Inspect circuit breaker, reset any flipped switches
  • Check water tank settings and signs of leaks
  • Security system check

Basic Home Inspection


  • Examine doors & windows for signs of forced entry
  • Examine screen room and patio area
  • Inspect for indications of bugs & rodents
  • Visual inspection of A/C unit for signs of damage
  • Check main water supply for leaks
  • Check for any issue with the landscaping or lawn care
  • Check for any over hanging tree branches on roof
  • Clear any fallen tree branches
  • Collect newspaper, flyers or any solicitations

Concierge/Additional service upon request

  • Airport Pick Up/Drop Off
  • Welcome Home Stock Up
  • Home delivers & package shipping
  • Vehicle & Golf Cart check and driving
  • Open & Close service
  • Patio furniture removal and return
  • Vehicle & pet transportation
  • Key holder service open & close
  • Overseeing projects

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