Why do I need a Home Watch company?

Multiple things can happen at your home during your absence – maybe a break in, a tripped circuit breaker, water line break, a/c stop working, roof leak, leaking water heater, etc… Our early detection can be invaluable to you. How long would you want standing water on your floor undetected?

How often should I have my home checked?

As often as you can. In Florida it doesn't take long for mold to grow with a broken a/c unit or water leak.

I live in a condo, why do I need a Home Watch company?

You come home from vacation and notice a puddle of water on your kitchen floor and mold on the cabinets. Your above neighbors dishwasher has been leaking for months. Who is responsible? You are...

I have insurance so I don't need a Home Watch company.

Not true, depending on how your homeowners' policy is written you might not be covered.

Protect your investment.

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