Lincoln Property Services is a professional home watch management company.  We provide absentee homeowners professional monitoring and care for their primary and/or secondary home. We are Licensed Insured, Bonded and a proud member of the National Home Watch Association. Our mission is to provide our clients with an extraordinary customer service experience each and every time.  We build lasting relationships with our clients by providing confidentiality, reliability and trustworthiness.




Single Family

Visual inspections will be done according to the homeowner’s desired schedule. Most homeowners choose a weekly or bi-weekly schedule; however, we can adjust to your needs. Inspections will be done on a rotating day and time basis, as to not establish a noticeable routine for potential intruders. This helps provide the illusion of a permanent resident. Our Home Watch inspection reports are completely digital, with photos. All inspections will be emailed to you after each home visit.

New Shopping Center with Commercial, Retail and Office Space available for sale or lease


Lincoln Property Services also provides additional services to individuals with sudden job transfers, military deployment, vacations, properties for sale, investment rentals and/or commercial properties. Weekly inspections should be performed in order to minimize costly repairs, as well as, security checks for vandalism and squatters. Protect your investment, and hire a professional. We provide services to Palm Beach County and surrounding areas.

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to go over the advantage of our home watch company. Lincoln Property Services is a premiere home management company specializing in the care and security of second homes, vacation homes, condominiums and investment properties for absentee homeowners. Having a home watch service is necessary to protect your investment from potential threats of home intrusion, water damage, storms, pests and other unforeseen events that could and do occur.


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Our purpose at Lincoln Property Services is to provide homeowners " a visual inspection of a home or property, looking for obvious issues."  We take care of everything while you’re away just like you would if you were there.